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Useful Information
  • Kidde recalls 40 millionFire Extinguishers

    click here for more info

  • Dishwasher Recall - click here for more information

  • Garbage Problems - click here for more information

  • Homeowner's Insurance - click here for more information

  •               For more information about Insurance - click here 

                   January 30, 2015 Newsletter 

  • Irrigation Tips - click here for more information

    • Water every 2-3 days

    • Provide lawn with one inch of water per watering

    • Depending on the sprinkler head; the time needed to achieve 1 inch of water will vary.  30 60 minutes per section of turf is a fair guideline.  Placing small containers, such as tuna cans, can help gage the time needed to provide 1 inch of water.

    • Providing the lawn with an infrequent saturation, opposed to a frequent light watering; promotes a strong root system.

    • Infrequent watering builds drought tolerance in the turf grasses.  Heavy watering allows water to penetrate deeply into the soil, which will promote a deep root system because the roots will grow towards the moisture.

    • Scheduled irrigations should be performed in the early morning hours (starting between 4:00 5:00 am is ideal).  Do not water in the evenings.  This will promote lawn disease.


  • Recycling Tips - click here for more information 

    •   It is required that residents flatten the cardboard. 

    •  It is also requested that they cardboard be tied.  

    •  Papers should be put in recycling bags or tied  so that   they  do not  fly out of the truck.  

     Satellite Dish Specifications - click here for Authorization Form

    •  Requests must be in writing with diagram of location

    Schlage Doorknobs

         Maintenance Tip From a Unit Owner:

                  Replacement of Pitted Doorknob Manufactured by


    • A unit owner has reported success with receiving a replacement doorknob from Schlage for one on his unit that has pitted over the years.  (Note:  Door hardware is the responsibility of the unit owner).  He contacted Schlage customer service at 888-805-9837 (, sent them a picture of the doorknob and they sent a replacement at no charge.  It was recommended that when installing in a metal door that a barrier layer of clear silicon be applied between the two to prevent galvanic corrosion caused by dissimilar metals.

  • Smoke Detectors

    • It is recommended that smoke detectors be replaced every 10 years. Kidde still makes the model that is currently installed in SW2 units as well as some newer models with better smoke detection or ones which have smoke plus CO detection. All of them use the same connectors/wiring as the originally installed model but some might require that the mounting bracket be changed. The Kidde website ( ) provides information about the various products.

    Snow Removal Services

           click here for information

  • Storm Doors

  • The unit owner does not have to order any particular style door but the door must look the same as the other storm doors in the community (white door, brass handle).


  • Home Depot - Store SKU #818215

    • Andersen - 2000 Fullview 36 in. white door with brass hardware - Model 21500

Danbury 2018 Annual Water Quality Report