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The Birches at Sterling Woods II

President: Stan Kishner

Vice President:   Tony Brzezinski 

Treasurer: Jim Harlow

Secretary:  Sharon Fisher

Director: Dale Brown

The Birches Governing Document

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Deck Awnings 

  Birches unit owners are permitted to install awnings on their decks, subject to the following guidelines:

1.     Awning plans must be approved by the Master Board

2.     The awning color must match either the siding or shutters.

3.     The unit owner is responsible for the cost of repairing any damage to the unit caused by the installation, use or removal of the awning.   This clause is conveyed to any new owner.

 Privacy Walls  

Birches unit owners are permitted to install a privacy wall on their decks, subject to the following guidelines:  

1.     The unit owner must apply to the City of Danbury for a building permit.  The unit owner needs to present either an approved  building permit, or a letter from the Building Department stating that a building permit is not required.

2.     The plan for the proposed privacy wall must be submitted to and approved by the Master Board

3.     The privacy wall must be located on one of the short ends of the deck (perpendicular to the rear wall of the unit)

4.     The height is restricted to 6 feet or less

5.     The wall must be constructed of wood and stained to match the deck

6.     The unit owner will be assessed for the cost of staining as if the deck had been enlarged by the area of one side of the privacy wall